The Department of Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories (CDL) began operating at the Clinical Training Centre (CTC), Faculty of Medicine, UiTM Sungai Buloh Campus in October 2010 and was known at that time with the Centre for Diagnostic Pathology and Research Laboratories (CPDRL). At that time, CPDRL was under the Cluster of Medical Laboratories. Once the cluster system is abolished, the Department of Pathology and the Department of Microbiology & Parasitology is created with their respective laboratory services.

However, in December 2020, in line with UiTM Teaching Hospital's establishment, these medical laboratories' services were reunited under the name of Department of Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories (CDL). The department functions to provide medical laboratory tests under one roof. CDL provides pathological services to PPUiTM Sungai Buloh, PPUiTM Selayang & external organizations. Besides, CDL provides diagnostic, research, and consultancy services in the following disciplines, namely Anatomic Pathology, Hematology &Transfusion Medicine, Chemical Pathology and Medical Microbiology & Parasitology.

CDL has been accredited with MS ISO 15189:2007 accreditation by the Department of Standards Malaysia since 2014. The CDL laboratory is located on the first floor of  Hospital UiTM Puncak Alam and  the first level of the Medical Specialist Centre, UiTM Sg. Buloh Campus.

Click HERE for further info regarding academic and research portfolios for the members of the Department of Pathology.
Anatomic Pathology Unit
Hematology & Transfusion Medicine Unit
Chemical Pathology Unit
Medical Microbiology & Parasitology Unit
Anatomic Pathology Unit
  • Histopathology
  • - Macroscopic and microscopic examination of tissue specimens with interpretative diagnosis.
  • Cytology
  • - Diagnostic and screening services based on the morphologic study of cells. It is divided into "Gynae Cytology" and "Non-Gynae Cytology"
Hematology & Transfusion Medicine Unit Routine haematological tests such as complete blood count (CBC), Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), coagulation profile, fibrinogen, and peripheral blood film.
Transfusion services such as blood grouping, antibody screening, cross matching and provides blood components to a patient. This transfusion services in collaboration with the National Blood Bank (PDN).
Chemical Pathology Unit Chemical Pathology deals with detecting changes in a wide range of substance such as electrolytes, blood gases, enzymes, glucose, proteins, lipids, hormones and etc. In the blood and body fluids in association with many diseases. Services provided include the pre-analysis, analysis, and interpretation of biochemical changes in serum/plasma and body fluids for screening, diagnosising, and monitoring of diseases, as well as consultation for diagnostic and research purposes.
Medical Microbiology & Parasitology Unit This unit provides the following services;
1. Diagnostic and research services which comprise of bacteriology, virology, mycology, immunology, and parasitology
2. Participation in hospital infection control activities related to antibiotic monitoring and surveillance, as well as control d prevention of hospital acquired infections
Training Various training programmes have been conducted in the CDL, such as:
  • Continuous Medical Education (CME)/ Journal Club: Case discussion, case presentations, meeting with other clinical departments, lectures and journal review is conducted at the unit and department level on a regular basis.
  • Postgraduate training centre: The Master of Pathology students do their master training according to the respective speciality and short attachment training for other Master's Program in Medicine candidates.
  • Industrial training for undergraduates of medical-related science degree courses from the various public and private universities in Malaysia
  • In-service training is provided for staff within the department according to each specific unit requirement to improve clinical, technological and analytical skill in the existing or new services. We are committed to increasing the staff's knowledge by sending individual staff for any courses conducted by other agencies or professional bodies which acquire skill and knowledge into the specific field of pathology.
Internal Quality Control
  • Reagent evaluation
  • Method evaluation
  • Calibrations of methods
  • Quality control
  • Performance audit
  • Audit and overview quality system
  • Turn-Around-Time
External Quality Assurance (EQA)
  • Haematology : RCPA
  • Transfusion medicine : RCPA & NEQABB
  • Chemical Pathology : RCPA & RIQAS
  • Anatomic Pathology : RCPA.MSOCQAP & IAPMD QAP
  • Medical Microbiology : RCPA,NEQAS,MCPath, MKAK & IMR
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HUiTM Puncak Alam:
24 Hours

UiTM Medical Specialist Centre Sg. Buloh :
24 hours (except Anatomic Pathology).

The Pathologist is available for consultation or assistance after office hours for both campuses. (One Pathologist for each unit/call)

Dr Noraziah Sahlan (Ketua Jabatan)
Tel: 03-339610801

A. HUiTM Puncak Alam
1. Specimen Reception (CSR)
03-33963000 ext 10807

2. Chemical Pathology Unit

3. Haematology & Transfusion Medicine Unit
03-33963131(Haematology) / 03-33963135 (Blood Bank)

4. Medical Microbiology & Parasitology Unit

B. Medical Specialist UiTM Sg. Buloh:
Central Specimen Reception (CSR)/ Chemical Pathology Unit
03-61265000 ext 5215

2. Anatomic Pathology Unit
03-61265000 ext 5053 / 5244

3. Haematology & Transfusion Medicine Unit
03-61265000 ext 5215 / 5209 (Blood Bank)

Dr Noraziah Sahlan Pathologist


1. Anatomic Pathology Unit
Name Email Remarks
Dr Awla Mohd Azraai (Ketua Unit) Pathologist
Dr. Mardiana Abdul Aziz Pathologist
Assoc. Prof Dr. Noor Kaslina Mohd Kornain Pathologist
Prof Dr Effat Omar Pathologist
Dr Nor Salmah Bakar Pathologist
Dr Norizal Mohd Nor Pathologist
Dr Muhammad Afif Munshi Pathologist
Dr Nurfareha Mohd Hatta Pathologist
Muhamad Idham Mohamed Science Officer
Khairil Idzwan Jamaludin Science Officer


2. Chemical Pathology Unit
Name Email Remarks
AP Dr Noor Alicezah Mohd Kasim (Ketua Unit) Pathologist
Dr Aletza Mohd Ismail Pathologist
Dr Nadzimah Mohd Nasir Pathologist
AP Dr Thuhairah Hasrah Abd Rahman Pathologist
Dr Fathimah Mohamad Pathologist
Dr Arjoanna Farra Azizi Pathologist
Dr Rafezah Razali Science Officer
Sarina Ali Science Officer
Che Wan Juliana Che Wan Jaafar Science Officer
Nurul Iza Ismail Science Officer
Muhammad Shafiq Zahari Science Officer


3. Haematology & Transfusion Medicine Unit
Name Email Remarks
Dr Zalizah Khalid (Ketua Unit) Pathologist
Dr Fatmawati Kamal Pathologist
Dr Madyhah Abdul Monir Pathologist
Dr Ummi Mohlisi Mohd Asmawi Pathologist
Dr Wan Asmuni Wan Mohd Saman Pathologist
KOL. DR. Amir Muhriz Abdul Latiff (B) Pathologist
Halimatun Radziah Othman Science Officer
Nurul Hanini Mohd Science Officer
Muhammad Fakhri Sallehuddin Science Officer


4. Medical Microbiology & Parasitology Unit
Name Email Remarks
Dr Farah Roslinda Mohd Rustam (Ketua Unit) Pathologist
Prof Dr. Ariza Adnan Pathologist
AP Dr Fadzilah Mohd Nor Pathologist
Dr Siti Farah Alwani Mohd Nawi Pathologist
Dr Syahrul Azlin Shaari Pathologist
Dr Nurul Azira Mohd Shah Pathologist
Dr Noraziah Sahlan Pathologist
Dr Normi Ngah Mohamed Pathologist
Dr Siti Norbahiyah Awad Pathologist
Nor Zilawati Mohamed Isa Science Officer
Noor Aini Abu Bakar Science Officer
Abu Thalhah Abdul Aziz Science Officer

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